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Smyser & Associates is a nationally recognized transportation compliance management firm specializing in assessing, and implementing highly effective transportation compliance solutions.

Our staff of compliance professionals is led by the founder and President of Smyser and Associates, Bill Smyser. Bill is a retired member of the California Highway Patrol and has held both operational and senior compliance positions with some of the nation's largest Hazardous Waste Management transporters. For the past twenty-five years Bill has been building a staff of highly trained compliance specialists from the private and public sectors. Our Compliance Specialists come to you with extensive specialized training in the areas of Hours of Services, Drug & Alcohol programs, Equipment Inspections, Driver Qualification File management, Cargo Tank inspection, and high level Hazardous Waste Management experience.

Our Services

Our team of highly trained and experienced compliance professionals will perform a complete review of your entire DOT and CHP compliance program.

Mock Terminal Inspection

Our Mock Terminal Inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of your Transportation Safety and Compliance Program. Our proprietary and proven process will subject each element of your compliance program to the regulatory scrutiny of a formal compliance audit. Out team will measure your current program against guidelines employed by the DOT & CHP during an inspection.

Hours of Service - We perform a review of your ELD system to ensure it complies with the requirements of 49 CFR, Parts 385, 386, 390, and 395.

Equipment & Maintenance - Our Equipment Compliance Team (ECT) will perform a hands-on inspection of your equipment using the CVSA standards used in a typical roadside inspection. As part of this process, we will conduct a detailed review of your Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance programs to ensure it complies with both state and federal requirements.

Controlled Substance & Alcohol Testing Program - One of the highest areas of risk in any compliance program is an effective and compliant Drug & Alcohol Program. Smyser & Associates has the expertise to evaluate & measure the compliance of your existing program with Part 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (40CFR) and Part 382 of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).

Driver Qualification - Qualifying a driver and properly maintaining the necessary documents in a driver's DQ file is essential for a sound compliance program. However, your responsibility doesn't end there - our review and assessment program will evaluate each component of a properly prepared DQ file for accuracy and completeness.

About Us

Smyser & Associates was founded in 1992 by Bill Smyser to provide carriers with an affordable option to improve their compliance and safety program.

Over the next 25 plus years we have assembled an exceptional team of compliance professionals that include former DOT, CHP, and private section compliance professionals.

Our Experience Matters

The Compliance Professionals at Smyser and Associates have been involved in thousands of DOT and CHP BIT inspections.

Your Safety Rating is too important to put at risk! If you've received a regulatory notice, or need to improve your scores, contact us to see how we can help.

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